Building Healthy Habits with DOSE

We incorporated DOSE low-sugar juices into our daily routine and here’s what happened.

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The healthy habit challenge

I’m not typically a juice cleanse kind of girl, but I’m always interested in building healthy habits. So, when presented with this opportunity, I made sure to choose a challenge that would work for me. Something slightly out of my comfort zone that I could still succeed at. I’ve never done a juice cleanse. And, though I already happen to love DOSE’s range of cold-pressed juices, I wasn’t confident that I could commit to juices – and only juices – for 3-plus days. So, here’s how I made a juice challenge work for me.

How to succeed in juicing without really trying

Knowing myself (and my stomach!), I took on a challenge I knew I could do: DOSE’s one-day Purity Cleanse for beginners. One day? That’s not so daunting. I followed it with a two-week commitment to drink DOSE’s low-sugar green juice with breakfast, and a midday ginger-turmeric gut shot – and guess what, I did it! Easily. Here’s what happened.

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The one-day cleanse

I kicked off with the beginner one-day Purity Cleanse, which had tasty juices and smoothies that kept me satiated all day. From lighter green juices to thicker smoothies and lemonades infused with chia seeds, there were lots of hearty options that kept the hunger pangs at bay. With 10 juices, there was something to look forward to every few hours, which means I never felt snacky. And throughout the day, I felt great: fresh and energetic, confident and alert. It might have been all in my mind, but I could swear that I felt the shock of extra nutrients and vitamins coursing through my body. As an extra perk? My day was totally tasty from the first sip to the last.

The two-week breakfast bonus

For the last ten years or so, there has been a real buzz surrounding juice cleanses… and it is no big surprise! Packed with cold-pressed juices, cleanses provide you with tons of vitamins, that can help with healthier looking hair, a glowing complexion, improved digestion and even better sleep. So, for a daily vitamin boost, I decided to add DOSE’s low-sugar, vitamin-rich juices – the Yogi in this case – to my typical breakfast. To supplement it, when I typically indulge in a second coffee, I instead reached for DOSE’s energy-boosting gut shot to get me over the lull.

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The Yogi benefits

The Yogi juice is one of my favourites – I’m not surprised to hear that it’s DOSE’s most popular. Made with premium organic ingredients – cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, parsley, ginger and chlorophyll – this green juice is low in sugar, full of fresh-tart flavour and packs a powerful health punch. Yogi is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C, which are known to promote healthy skin, support the immune system, contribute to the metabolism of energy and help build strong bones, gums and teeth.

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The Gut Shot goods

For 14 days, I drank the ginger-turmeric Gut Shot around 11:30 a.m. It served as a mid-morning boost and pre-lunch snack. A two-sipper made up of cold-pressed lemon with ginger, turmeric and black pepper, this shot isn’t for the flavour shy. It’s sour, spicy, gingery and has what I like to call “the good burn” that tickles the whole way down your throat. Not only is it a great energy boost, but it delivers a stellar dose of vitamin C, which is known to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals, and helps your bones, cartilage, teeth and gums – just like the Yogi juice!

And the results are in!

After two weeks, 14 days, and 28 juices/gut shots, I feel great. The juice is a great with my morning brekkie, and the gut shot was always just enough to tide me over until lunch. Most days, I didn’t miss my coffee (though I must confess that some super-sleepy days, I cheated and had one…or two). All in all, I feel great! Kicking the morning off with a healthy start inspired me to continue eating well throughout the day. I upped my vegetable intake and even, drank more water, and cut down on junk food. My energy is up. My digestion is less bloaty and more regular. And though I always take good care of my skin, I swear I can see a slight extra glow. It could all be in my mind, but recently, when a colleague complemented my fresh face on a Zoom call, I replied “Thanks! I’ve been juicing!” I guess I’m a total convert.

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What the future holds

Will I keep it up? You bet I will! Since starting the juice regimen, I’m making better food choices and starting every day with vitamin-packed organic-veggie juice that I actually enjoy. Though technically I can juice on my own, DOSE’s cold-press machine extracts up to five times the nutrients compared to most home juicers. Plus, they’re super-convenient, requiring no in-store shopping, chopping and cleaning. They simply come straight to my door – and when I order a big batch of them, they’re guaranteed to stay fresh for 20 days once they arrive. As an experiment, this was a total success. I’ve started a healthy habit doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. And to me? That’s a total win.

Inspired yet?

If you’re feeling ready to kickstart your own version of a juice cleanse, we can help! New customers will enjoy a 20% discount with the code BESTHEALTH (which will already be applied when you click this link). Then, let us and DOSE know how it’s going, how you’re feeling, and what habits you’re inspired to start.

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