Clara Hughes cycles for mental health awareness

We’re so proud to be the national magazine partner for Clara’s Big Ride. Here’s a look at what’s coming up as Clara begins her 12,000 kilometre, 110 day journey

Clara Hughes cycles for mental health awareness

We previously let you in on an astonishing challenge that Bell Let’s Talk campaign spokesperson and six-time Olympic medallist Clara Hughes is taking on: cycling 12,000 kilometres around Canada over 110 days, starting March 14 and ending July 1’Canada Day. As magazine partner for Clara’s Big Ride, Best Health is excited to be along for the ride (and, for part of it, literally: Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Munday will be cycling with Clara for a stretch on her first day). Why is Clara doing it? To help erase the stigma of mental illness: “I’m looking forward to meeting people across Canada, hearing about their challenges and successes, and embracing ideas and opportunities in mental health.” (Check out the video below for a special message from Clara!)

We’ll keep you posted on Clara’s progress via Twitter (@besthealthmag and @bonnie_munday), Facebook ( and

Clara will make community stops on her journey. Some are listed on the map below, but for a full schedule, go to

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