JoJo Fletcher Dishes On Life Before, During And After The Bachelorette

What’s it like to live in a house of women competing for a guy’s attention? Can you have a normal

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What’s it like to live in a house of women competing for a guy’s attention? Can you have a normal relationship after meeting on a reality show? Is there pressure to look a certain way once you become famous? We chatted with  Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher of season 13’s The Bachelorette when she stopped by Toronto with Smartfood. And this is what we found out.

When you were on The Bachelor, what was it like living with women you’re competing against?

“When I went into The Bachelor (season 20), I really went in for the experience. It was this really weird dynamic because we had this great understanding of why we were there. And we all became friends. I didn’t feel competitive. To be honest, there was no other way to go about it. When you’re living with the girls, seeing them 24-7, and you don’t have your friends or family to rely on for support, they become your support.”

What about when the guys were competing for your attention on The Bachelorette?

“There was more of an open competitiveness with the guys. They also had dates that had a competitive base. They did have camaraderie, but it was different. They just wanted to win.”

There are reports that you’re broken up, back together with Jordan Rodgers. How do you deal with the gossip?

“It’s never ending. I don’t even know the sources in the stories. And there’s so much gossip, that I don’t even know how I could have prepared for it all. You just go on and ignore it and not pay attention to it. It gets easier as time goes on. My biggest piece of advice is to let everything roll off of you. You realize at some point that it’s not about you.”

How do you stick with a healthy lifestyle while you are so busy?

“I’ve been fit my whole life, mostly thanks to genetics. But this year, I told myself, I want to just feel better physically and mentally. For me it’s about eating clean and getting more energy. I go to SoulCycle. If I could, I would go every single day. But for me I’m looking at making the healthiest choice.”

Tell us about how your hair always looks perfect?

“I don’t know! I guess I sleep with it wet, then in the morning I smooth it out with an iron and I use a texturizing spray by Oribe. I get balayage colour (a subtle colour fade), which is low-maintenance. I only get my hair coloured about every eight or nine months.”

What did you have for breakfast today?

“Well, today is a funny one. I got up at 3:45 a.m. But on a normal day I would have egg white tacos. I’m really getting into meal prep and am beginning to use the crock pot more.”

So you’re here with Smartfood. That’s an interesting partnership.

“I’m talking about “Secret Single Behaviors.” Us, girls, are so busy and we need our downtime. We need our time away from our partner to take things in and to take care of ourselves. I binge watch The Killing and Bates Motel. When I watch The Bachelor, I snack on popcorn.”

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