In A Bad Mood? Work Out, Says Actress Anna Camp

Actress Anna Camp shares her secrets to getting in a good mood, how to love cardio, her favourite clean foods and so much more.

It is really hard to imagine Anna Camp in a bad mood. And maybe that is a testament to the actress’s advice on exercising to fix a bad day. Even in her antagonistic but very likeable roles, such as Aubrey in the Pitch Perfect films and the preacher’s wife Sarah in True Blood, her energy is very appealing. As the new spokesperson for California Almonds, Camp tells us some other very healthy tips.

At Best Health, we talk a lot about the #BHmoment – achieving a goal or your aha moment. What is your #BHmoment?
“I guess my #BHmoment was in college and I really realized just how much exercising helps to regulate my mood. I was feeling so stressed with exams and play rehearsals and personal life, it really calmed me down and gave me more energy to accomplish everything I needed to if I took the time to work out.”

Where do you like to work out? What kinds of fitness do you do? Why does that motivate you?
“I love working out outside, like hiking and going for runs in my neighborhood. I love feeling a sense of connection to my environment and I feel energized by the sun, while wearing sunscreen of course.”

What’s your fitness philosophy?
“I have a real sweet tooth and need to reign it in! Exercise allows for some indulgence.”

What’s in your gym bag?
“I love Nike Air Max sneakers for the gym, and Under Armor leggings for hiking and running. [I also have] an awesome cute water bottle that can be reused, and rose water spray for hydrating my face during my workout. and it smells good too.”

How often do you work out? How many times a week? How longer per session?
“I work out three to four times a week. If it’s at the gym I’ll be there for an hour and a half. And depending on the hike, it’s usually about an hour. I also love swimming.”

You’ve said you love cardio? What would you say to someone who doesn’t like cardio to convince them to love it as much as you do?
“I love cardio because I love to sweat and move fast. I like to keep my workouts fun by listening to up tempo music and have a little workout dance party so to speak..I like to have fun, and cardio can be super fun.”

You often play high-energy characters? Is that your normal energy level? Do you eat for energy balance?
“I definitely have a lot of energy naturally I think, but as I get older I’m noticing how important it is to eat balanced nutritional foods. I eat more protein and less sugar to keep going throughout the day, and always have almonds on hand to fight the afternoon cravings.”

I have your recipes (thank you!), but I was wondering what you’re like in the kitchen. Do you batch cook? Do you like to spend time in the kitchen?
“I like things to be simple and easy, but taste great. So the fewer the ingredients the better and the least amount of time it takes to prepare, event better.”

Why are almonds a part of your healthy pantry?
“Almonds are the perfect go-to snack because they are healthy and filling and taste great! I keep them in my car when driving from set so I don’t crash and eat something bad like a candy bar. Almonds are also a little sweet, so they satisfy that craving without being bad for you.”

What did you have for breakfast today?
“I had a protein shake with five almonds, a banana, blueberries, strawberries, cinnamon, Ice, and almond butter. So good.”

Do you ever diet?
“I don’t really diet, but I watch my portions and never over eat. I don’t like feeling too full because it always slows me down.”

How has your relationship with food changed over the years?
“I’ve become more aware of how food affects my energy and like fueling up on greens and lean proteins. I definitely like eating my veggies like broccoli and Brussels sprouts more than I used to. The more I eat them, the more I crave them.”

Anna Camp, headshot

Now onto the speed round!

Planks or burpees?

Açai bowl or poké bowl?
“Açai bowl.”

Sunday morning yoga or spin class?
“Spin class.”

Massage or foam roller?

Steak dinner or McDonalds?
“McDonalds, but only the egg and cheese biscuit in the morning.”