5 gadgets to improve your grilling

There are now so many utensils that make it easy to barbecue and enhance the flavour of foods. Here are five favourites

5 gadgets to improve your grilling

Source: Adapted from Best Health Magazine, Summer 2012

Smoker box

These give food a wonderful smoky taste. There’s no need to buy an actual smoker; I use two metal pie pans with a few holes poked in the top one. I fill the bottom pan with wood chips I’ve soaked for a couple of hours, then put the meat or fish on top and cover with the other pan. If you prefer to buy a smoker box, you’ll find them where barbecues and accessories are sold.

Try: Stainless Steel Smoker Box, $60, Williams-Sonoma

Pizza stone

Dishes that don’t cook well with direct flames (pizza, sandwiches) can all be cooked on the barbecue on a pizza stone. There are different types; I use a ceramic one that’s durable and retains heat.

Try: Cuisinart Pizza Stone, $20, Canadian Tire


Most barbecues don’t come with a rotisserie, but you can buy one as an accessory. I put meat on it and sit back, enjoying the aroma’no flipping required.

Try: Weber Summit 600 Series Rotisserie, $116, Sears

Fish spatula

I love my large fish spatula; it works better than tongs. You can flip the fish with ease, and it stays together.

Try: Outset Rosewood Slotted Fish Spatula, $14, Walmart

Wooden planks

Planks infuse food with the flavour of the wood. Cedar planks are great for fish, and hickory ones are great for chicken. Use only a plank that is intended for cooking food and be sure to soak it for six hours (or, preferably, overnight) before putting it on the barbecue.

Try: Flavoured Wood Grilling Planks, $23, Williams-Sonoma

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